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Today, the presence and impact of Social Media is unavoidable. Whether it’s a stark image from urban America; brutality meted out in a terrorist-occupied Iraqi village; a cell phone shot taken by a star-struck Beyoncé fan; or the Tweet about that last fantastic touchdown run; almost everyone with a mobile device has been touched in some way by Social Media. And this phenomenon is only going to grow larger with time and technology.

The ongoing challenge for everyone is to determine how individuals, nonprofits, associations, corporations and the Federal Government can make the most of this growing trend and how they can better leverage it to benefit them, their customers and their stakeholders.

For the most part, when it comes to events such as conferences, seminars and major social activities, “Social Media” usually implies random photo and text postings on such sites as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by individuals who are primarily participants attending the social event or conference-related activity. The purpose is often for nothing more than self-promotion and/or self-aggrandizement.

The Global Social Media News Service, however, was created to harness and consolidate the immense power of this Social Media trend in several constructive ways. First, the GSMNews Service covers select events with a dedicated reporting team whose primary function is to interview key event participants and post these “real-time” interviews, photos, video clips and observations on the web and Social Media platforms of clients and/or subscribing news organizations.  This effort gives client conference attendees, and/or association members worldwide, the ability to track, observe and share this real-time coverage.

Second, the GSMNews Service serves as Social Media News collection entity, aggregating Social Media News, by topic, and placing this news in the most appropriate GSMNews coverage service unit for easy access. These service units are:

  • Healthcare Social Media News
  • African American Social Media News

Global Social Media News Services in the developmental stages include:

  • Latino Social Media News
  • Sports Social Media News
  • Entertainment Social Media News
  • Religious Social Media News
  • Teen Social Media News
  • Fashion Social Media News

The Global Social Media News Service, Inc. was established and is based in Washington, DC.

For more information, contact Rick Hancock at (301) 996-1669 or via email at contact@globalsocialmedianews.com

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