5 Global Chic Styles for Winter

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NEW YORK-FEB 9: A model walks the runway at the Tracy Reese fash

By Luxe Colore

Whether your winter plans include international travel, festive parties or evenings out with the family, your look can be chic and stunning. Stay warm and stylish with these five versatile styles:

Hal Rubenstein Leather Jacket
This uniquely styled jacket has a Vanessa zippered waist and the bottom detaches to give the appearance of two different jackets. Available in purple and black, this show stopper jacket can be worn with any simple outfit.

Chunky Black Turtleneck
This oversized black sweater provides plenty of warmth around the neck during the winter. Pair it up with thigh high boots and a mini skirt, leggings or jeans.

Twiggy London Leather Jacket
The Twiggy is a simple jacket that looks chic and stylish with a casual or glamorous outfit. Its asymmetric zipper adds a unique touch. Available in black, red, or blue.

Curve Hugging Leather Dress
This stunning burgundy leather dress is exquisite with a simple taupe blazer. It has a low neckline and shows off your curves without being too revealing. Match with taupe pumps for a luncheon or small gathering.

Adha Zelma Jewelry
Adha Zelma handcrafted jewelry is mystique and stunning. Designers Sheanan Bond and Trahan Miller like to use raw materials to create unique designs that accentuate globally chic styles. The Moon Ray Earrings, for instance, incorporate molted bird feathers with mixed metals and gemstones amethyst and citrine. They have silver sterling posts.

About Luxe Colore

Tanya-SotilloLuxe Colore is the brainchild of Owner and Founder Tanya Sotillo. Tanya has always sought out new and unique beauty products for her naturally curly hair. She quickly realized this could be a daunting process if one did not know where  to search; therefore given birth to the vision of Luxe Colore! Tanya’s vision came to life after reading an Essence article that described the difficulties designers of color experienced while attempting to grow their brands.

Tanya was determined to develop a shopping experience that linked exceptional specialty products and designers to a larger market.  Luxe Colore is  a carefully and thoughtfully curated shopping experience that welcomes the  exciting, the audacious, and the unique shopper.
The Luxe Colore team meticulously selects fabulous brands and products to showcase on Luxe Colore, thereby empowering these designers to connect with new customers like yourself.  We want to inspire you with unique statement pieces and designs.
Luxe Colore more than a shopping website, is a lifestyle! We work hard to link you to fabulous garments and head turning pieces.  Luxe Colore embraces the trendsetters who have a confident attitude and graceful panache.

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