African American Cyber Report: The Deadly Internet – The Deep, Dark & Dirty Web

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The African-American Cyber Report is examining what has become known as the deep or dark web. This is the first in a series of articles is intended to reveal to African-Americans the hidden, terrifying and illegal assortment of products and services you can buy on the dark web. We will also examine the dangers the dark web poses to women and children.

Hackers lurking in cyber space can threaten your bank account, your identity, your phone and other technology and even your home and auto. But the Internet has become a place that is far darker and far deadlier. The Internet has become a place where no matter what you want to buy it can be had. A place where nothing is sacred or protected. In this darkness the Internet is anonymous. A person with minimal skill can hide a criminal operation amongst the billions of websites and do whatever they please with almost no scrutiny or fear of the law. A place where well meaning technology permits the untraceable exchange of currency. Its the deep, dark or dirty web. READ FULL STORY

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