Cheekie: A Child Out of the Desire

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Cheekie: A Child Out of the DesireAt Essence Fest, Clarence Nero spoke with Global Social Media News about his book “Cheekie: A Child Out of the Desire,” and Nero’s latest efforts to raise money to turn the book into a film.

Nero, called “one of our most promising young authors,” by Maya Angelou, is a New Orleans native who grew up in the Desire Housing Project. His book is based on his own true story of how he overcame abuse and neglect as a child.

“This is a really important story when you think about the lives of young black men and what’s going on in this country surrounding young black men. It’s a really positive story about how one boy overcame all the odds to greatness, to success, and went on to college, made something positive out of his life.”

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