Top 10 Tips When Attending Your Next Professional Conference

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Businesswoman Delivering Presentation At Conference

A professional conference is a good way of listening to experts, meet like-minded people and feel like you are part of the community. When attending a professional conference there are a few networking tips that you need to know.

Lunch up

You can add lunches, breakfast and coffee appointments to your calendar. Invite clients and referral sources so that they can join you.

Have business cards

Businessman offering business card to female colleague in conferDo not leave the house without a stack of business cards. You never know when you’ll meet a great contact.

Keep contacts fresh

Every month touch base with important contacts. Send a link to an article that will interest them. Ask how business is going or wish them a lovely day.

Select events wisely

Choose events and sessions that you attend carefully. Map out your schedule the day before, if possible.

Make a friend 

If you don’t know anyone attending the conference look for a person who is sitting alone or standing.

Be memorable

While some people will put on flashy clothes thinking that will make a good impression, the best way of making a Business people shaking their hands to seal a dealmemorable impression is showing interest in the people you are going to meet.

Do not forget names

If you meet somebody at a workshop and then see them again later at a cocktail reception but forgot his/her name, it can be embarrassing. It’s vital that you develop techniques that are creative so that you do not forget people’s names.

Leverage social networking

Social media isn’t just for teenagers! LinkedIn is a great digital resource to help with your networking.

Follow up

You paid money so that you could attend a conference, follow up is a vital point when it comes to networking.

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