5 Healthy Fall Snacks to Make with Your Kids

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Forget about feeding your children junk food this fall and hop into the kitchen with them to create some healthy fall snacks that will nourish and energize their little bodies. After all, a happy family is a healthy family.

Cocoa Banana Pops 

Bananas are sweet yet healthy, which makes the fruit a perfect cure for a sweet tooth craving candy. All you need to do is:

Peel and slice bananas into halves, then place a popsicle stick into the center of each one

Have your children dip the bananas into melted dark chocolate and place them on wax paper.

Stick the healthy treats into the freezer for an hour to harden up so they are easy to eat

Not only is this a relatively healthy snack, it’s also a fun activity for your child.

Almond Joy Yogurt Cups (skip the almonds if child has peanut allergies!)

Serve this sweet treat up anytime your child is craving a piece of Halloween candy such as the classic Almond Joy. This snack will provide a good dose of healthy protein, calcium, vitamin D and carbohydrates for energy.

Grab some small containers with lids, and scoop some plain Greek yogurt into them.

Let your children sprinkle on dark chocolate chips, coconut shavings and sliced almonds

Drizzle on some agave nectar for sweetness

Sweet Potato Chips

Whenever the youngsters are craving an autumn snack that is salty and sweet, sweet potato chips are a great alternative to the highly processed chips available at the store.

Slice sweet potatoes into thin slices, then place them onto a greased baking sheet.

Bake the slices in a 450-degree oven for 20-minutes.

When they’re done baking, remove them from the oven, sprinkle on some salt and pepper and enjoy!

Sliced Apples & Dip 

Apples are wholesome and delicious – and fall is the perfect season for this snack. Apples provide the body with fiber and enzymes, which are good for digestion. Simply slice up your children’s favorite apples and adding a dipping sauce on the side, like melted dark chocolate or organic peanut butter. Children love snacks they can dip in something yummy.

Cinnamon Popcorn 

Creating cinnamon popcorn is a great autumn snack to munch on when tons of unhealthy snacks, like candy, are available. To make this treat simply pop some popcorn kernels in an air popping machine or on the stove using a teaspoon of coconut oil. Then, let the kids sprinkle the popcorn with cinnamon sugar and enjoy!


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