RxAssist.org, Help for High Medical Costs

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According to statistics roughly 17 percent of African-Americans are without health insurance. In some states it is as high as 28 percent. Sadly black people suffer from some illnesses at a higher rate than other white and non-white groups. According to statistics from the Department of Health and Human Services blacks have the highest mortality rate for cancer and suffer disproportionately from diabetes and high blood pressure. To make matters worse African-Americans are 55 percent more likely to be uninsured than white Americans.

 This nation ranks as the most expensive place on earth to get seriously ill according to USAToday. Even with insurance, medical bills can be astronomical. Staying healthy is the safest and least expensive option in the United States.

For African-Americans the Internet and other technologies can help to not only improve our health with information but also help black people fight the high cost of prescription drugs.

RxAssist is a nationally recognized online resource center for medication assistance. The service was founded in 1999 with funding from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. RxAssist is part of the Center for Primary Care and Prevention at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island.  RxAssist is an easy to use website for finding advocates, caregivers, prescription drugs and other medical services.

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