Why Visiting a Family Health Center Regularly is Important

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Medical doctor applying oxygen treatment on a little boy with as

A family health center provides patients with a “one-stop” medical shopping venue. Many urbanites find that it’s too difficult to get to a doctor regularly, and it’s not until they’ve developed a problem that they begin to pay attention to their health.

But a yearly, physical exam can often pinpoint problems before they become critical.

Having your blood drawn to check for cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid hormone levels is one of the least invasive medical procedures you can have done, but it can have significant impacts on your long term health. Having a regularly documented medical history can be beneficial to maintaining good health.

Family health centers do more than just yearly physicals – they have many doctors on staff who can address the health of all members of your family – they can preform EKG’s, mammograms, prostate cancer screenings, reproductive services, and even legal abortions in some cases.

Because there are many doctors on staff, it’s also possible to get a second, third or even fourth opinion of your health issues, without much difficulty.
Visiting a family healthcare center also promotes a healthy lifestyle for your children, and encourages them to get into a routine of maintaining good health. This routine is important because they will carry this good habit throughout their life.



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