How Doctors Get Rid of Skin Moles

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Skin moles are brownish black moles that appear on the skin typically during the first 30 years of your life. Moles occur when the cells in the skin grow in clusters instead of spreading out throughout the skin.

Sometimes moles that form are sign of skin cancer, which is why moles need to be checked regularly and removed through medical procedures when necessary. The procedures doctors use to remove skin moles are a surgical shave, surgical excision, mole removal creams and laser removal.

The surgical shave simply removes any moles from the surface of the skin using a surgical shaving tool and local Skin-Molesanesthesia. The great things about this particular procedure is you do not need stitches after, but it can leave a scar behind which can be treated with a scar reducing treatment.

Now, if your doctor recommends the surgical excision for removing a mole that could be cancerous, a deep cut will be made into the skin to remove the cancerous surface of skin completely. After, stitches will be required to close the area back up so it can heal properly. The great news about this producer is minimum scaring occurs.

For moles that are small and not raised, doctor will prescribe a mole-removing cream. The mole removing cream will help fade the mole until it is gone completely. However, mole removal creams are only recommended by doctors who have checked your mole and know for sure it is not cancerous.

One of the newer producers doctors use to removal moles is laser treatment, which burns the mole off the skin gently. However, this procured can leave scars, but doctors usually prescribe a scar fading cream for you to use daily until the scar is faded.

If you have a mole, you would like removed, visit a doctor to discuss procedures that can help you remove it safely with minimum scaring left behind.

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