Three Tips For Preparing Healthy Family Meals

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Cooking healthy meals for a growing family can be challenging- with so many convenience foods available, it can be tempting to open a box or can to quickly feed your hungry family. But with a little extra effort, you can provide better nutritional options at home. Here are a few tips to consider:
Plan Before You Shop
Organizing and carefully planning for the week ahead are important aspects of preparing meals with the proper nutrition. It is easy to find nutritious ingredients in the frozen food section of your supermarket, so stock your freezer with a few of your favorites. Buy enough food to last the whole week, especially fresh fruit and vegetables.
Double and Freeze Your Favorite Recipes
Cook twice as much food when you make dinner, and freeze the extra for a quick eat-and-go meal later. Kids enjoy helping to prepare food, so allow them to help as you prepare multiple recipes ahead of time during the weekend. The preparation will take less time, and the kids will enjoy eating the food they helped prepare.
Reuse Leftovers for Quick Bites
Cooking for a family nearly always results in leftovers, so plan to use them as part of a quick meal within the next few days.
You may have a few servings of lasagna left or part of a beef roast. These leftovers work well as a lunch for school or work, or you can add a salad and garlic bread when a quick meal is needed before evening activities.

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