What to Know Before Undergoing Laser Skin Resurfacing

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Laser skin resurfacing is an advanced process of facial skin rejuvenation that can reduce facial flaws and imperfections.

Its positive effects have been proven by scientific research and are considered safe by medical professionals, medical associations, and government regulations. Today, more and more people are utilizing this process to look healthier, younger, and stress-free.

This process can treat facial imperfections including wrinkles, acne scars, aged and sun-damaged skin, liver spots, yellowish or greyish skin tones, warts, and birthmarks.

How is it Done?

Laser skin resurfacing uses beams of light to remove unwanted and damaged skin for a healthier and younger look. As this process removes the outer layer of your skin, your new skin will be smoother and finer once it heals.

Deeper wrinkles and scars might require multiple passes of the laser for effective treatment, but fine lines and other minimal skin irregularities should only need a single pass.

Know the Risks

Despite its benefits, there are also some risks associated with facial skin rejuvenation, including burns, scarring, changes in skin pigmentation, and bacterial infection. Doctors take extra precautions with this procedure when dealing with people who have darker skin.

These risks, however, are less likely to occur when this procedure is conducted by trained professionals and doctors. In general, laser skin resurfacing is considered a very safe process, and millions of people have already gone through the procedure without any harm.

How Can My MASC Help Me?

My MASC can help your face maintain a youthful and energetic appearance. Dr. Murray Riggins is certified in laser treatment therapies and brings years of experience to his patients.

This article was originally published by Murray Riggins, M.D. on MyMASC.com. Dr. Riggins offers cosmetic medical treatments at his Gadsden, Alabama practice, and he provides beauty and health products to customers across the country. Learn more about Instantly Ageless and FGXpress PowerStrips.

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